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Our successful case studies

Cassidy M.
United States
From the blog I learnt the simplest steps to change my diet like nothing artificial, no dairy products, no gluten, etc. I made these changes in my diet a few months ago, I started seeing my healing results in just a couple days. Now, my severe life-long eczema is 95% healed and it has CHANGED MY LIFE! Here are my transformation photos to prove it... I highly recommend reading from WeDerm!
Cassidy. Before & After Eczema Skin Condition Image
Esther C.
Hong Kong
I still vividly remember the first time I met Esther, she was wearing long sleeved athletic apparel even though it was a hot and humid summer in Hong Kong. She gave me an overall impression that she was rather ‘low-key’ and timid. She told me she had stopped using steroids for just a few months and she is currently going through one of the most troubling times of that journey - the topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) - and she had joined the Bootcamp to seek hope as she sought a long-term strategy to manage her eczema. Through a year of persistence and hard work, Esther was able to trade back better skin and health. I’m very happy that we can guide her into a restorative journey as a peer, as a coach, and demonstrate to new eczema patients the power of integrated care.
Esther C. Before & After Eczema Skin Condition Image
Julie A.
Originally from the Philippines and Los Angeles, now based in Thailand, Julie had sensitive skin since she was six. It was never a big deal until the past few years when her eczema began to develop. Eczema had spread to both arms, and gradually all over the body. It had changed her lifestyle and despite the tropical climate of Thailand, Julie started wearing long sleeves to avoid being seen in public with open wounds. Julie entered a 3-month ‘acute stage’ of eczema where blisters had grown around the body and progressed into dry, scaly skin. As per her words, it’s like wearing an ‘under-sized tight suit’. It became difficult to sleep at night, and both she and her husband did not know what to do. Julie could no longer enjoy tennis, pickleball and gardening which were integral elements of her active lifestyle, as the itching had become intense and disruptive into 10 minutes of activity. There’s so much information out there. WebMD, WeDerm, YouTube, online influencers… but not everyone has the same skin type. Eczema is not a one size fits all. At such times of confusion and complexity, Julie cites Proverbs 24:6: in a counsel of many, there is safety. Make sure the one holding your hand has the right hands. At one point you need to accept you need professional help, and WeDerm is good in providing integrated perspectives. If I were to talk to myself one year ago, I’d say “Don’t despair! As there is light at the end of the tunnel. Find someone who has been through it, and follow their advice.”
Julie A. Before & After Eczema Skin Condition Image
Esther Y.
Hong Kong
Around half a year ago, Esther sought help from WeDerm. Her eczema symptoms first appeared 4 years ago when she was taking her public exam. During that period, she had seen both Chinese and Western doctors, but it would recur from time to time and become more and more serious. She’s been looking for a way to stabilize her skin condition. (After dietary management with WeDerm health coach Raine) Currently, Esther’s skin condition is well under control. Despite some temporary pigmentation and occasional redness, she no longer suffers from scaly, itchy and dry skin. She is still consistent in avoiding snacks and refined sugar. But on an overall level, she has returned to a normal (non-restrictive) diet.
Esther Y. Before & After Eczema Skin Condition Image
Samantha N.
Guys, I really want to share my joy here because finally I manage to reverse eczema on my fingers. *touch wood*The eczema has been with me since 2 years ago, and now I no longer need to suffer from it. I can shower happily now! Besides eating clean, I start taking supplement months and here is the result. I really hope you can reverse eczema too.
Samantha Ng. Before & After Eczema Skin Condition Image
Raymond C.
Hong Kong
Hands are doing great now. 🙂 Had consulted a good dermatologist who suggested that I take a short term steroid. Just 2 weeks and stick with a good diet regimen, moisturizers and a non-steroid immunosuppressants in case must there be any reddish areas to appear. She encourages that I stick with a good diet, hygiene and moisturizers so that I won't depend much on the drugs.
Raymond C. Before & After Eczema Skin Condition Image
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An eczema care team you can access virtually anywhere.

Don't queue up for an expensive doctor's appointment only to leave disappointed 10 minutes later. With WeDerm, you'll have access to your care team online and you can message your team with questions anytime.

Meet our health coaches

What makes WeDerm different?

Conventional medicine for eczema has remained unchanged for 70 years. Steroid medications are only a temporary fix. Eczema is an autoimmune condition and recovery requires addressing lifestyle-specific root causes, and we’re here to do that at a personalized level. 

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Assurance that beats guesswork.

No more random experimentation without a clear path. We have tested numerous methods and are here to save you time and guide you into the most safe and effective recovery journey.

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An evidence-based approach to eczema.

We advocate the power of integrated care for eczema: a healthy mix of western care and lifestyle interventions. Our approach is based on healthcare literature and real-world evidence.

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Results you can see and feel.

On a three-month average, our members experienced a 26% decrease in eczema severity symptoms and a 47% increase in quality of life. Four in every five members would recommend our service to a new eczema patient.

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We are on a social mission

Our mission is to treat eczema for 1 million people around the world by 2026. There is tremendous amount of misinformation, confusion, and lack of guidance towards a sustainable eczema management approach. We’re here to bring a little help to the world.

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