An evidence-based approach that works.

WeDerm Health leverages on a holistic approach to medicine that treats your root causes for long-term recovery.

Our SEEDS+ approach

Our lifestyle medicine framework addresses six key factors including stress, exercise, environmental factors, diet, sleep, and social health.

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Stress & Social Support

Is your eczema easily affected by stressful life events? Discuss with your health coach and find ways to incorporate mental health management tools in daily life. Many of our coaches also first-hand eczema experience and are willing to share with you their experience -- you are not alone!

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Over 70% of our members do not do enough exercise per week. Most remark they cannot find the motivation or 'time' for it. But... really? Hold yourself accountable. Set goals with your coach and review your progress every session. You'll realize change is really up to you. We can make it happen one step at a time.

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Environment & Sleep

Yes, we know it's hard to change the environment, but are you already doing everything you could? From clothing materials, the temperature, to your workplace environment can be hidden sources of triggers. Identify these loopholes together and improve your sleeping quality!

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How much do you know about food chemical intolerance and its relationship with eczema? 'You are what you eat' is especially true in eczema patients as our immune systems are more 'sensitive' to food items than usual. All of our successful member stories have followed our unique dietary interventions!

Our Journey With You

Step 1:
We identify your root causes

We never start before understanding who you are. When you first join, we ask you to complete a Discovery Questionnaire to understand your medical history, lifestyle habits, coaching preferences and eczema goals. You will then be matched with a personalized health coach.

The coach will study your background and discuss important areas in your first session we call Discovery (60 minutes).

We take the time to learn all about you and go beyond the symptoms to find the root causes of your condition to create your eczema care plan.

Step 2:
Start your health plan together.

Your health plan is designed using the WeDerm integrated care framework, with a personalized set of health goals to support your recovery.

In the follow-up coaching sessions we will review your progress, discuss any potential challenges, and set new goals for the next session, until the end of your coaching period.

How you arrange the sessions is flexible!

Two 30-minute sessions or one 60-minute session per month? Do it your way!

Step 3:
Maintain regular check-ins.

Improving lifestyle changes is a long-term process and our coach will provide guidance, support, and help you maintain momentum.

We understand not everything should wait until your next session. Your coach is here for you to answer questions over messaging.

By the final session, you will complete the program with confidence to go on the remaining eczema journey comfortably on your own.

Our members experienced a 47% increase in quality of life

Looking at a cohort level, here’s what our members reveal in an average three-months period:

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Our members experienced a 26% decrease in eczema severity symptoms

If you suffer from moderate to severe eczema, you will see a noticeable difference in your symptoms. You will scratch less, flare up less (you know those abrupt moments throughout the day?), and have less dry skin and patches. If you have mild eczema, you won’t necessarily see a drastic change as you would from a moderate/severe situation, but you will be able to identify what causes the ‘random’ flare-ups, and yes, your skin will become more hydrated and less prone to scratching.

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Our members experienced a 47% increase in quality of life

Let’s face it. Eczema affects the way we interact with people, in public, among coworkers, and even peers and family. That’s why we insist on creating a community of peer support meetups (mostly virtual) for you to get to know one another. That’s why most people who join our program feel a heightened sense of ‘can do’ and feel empowered to live and manage eczema even if they were on their own.

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Four in every five members would recommend our service to a new eczema patient

People join our program to treat eczema but also to access a community of similar individuals who may have gone through the eczema journey and learn the best practices from each other. Some enjoy the wealth of knowledge about eczema which we offer in our workshops (included for all members) and video library. Some enjoy simply having someone to go when you have questions.